Kelp is awesome!!!

Kelp farms are growing and heres how it helps our Oceans and our Bodies!

Kelp takes in 5 times more carbon than most land based plants!  Fisherman are overfishing the Oceans and many are mitigating this by engaging in aquaculture. Vertical farming allows the fisherman to save time and money and giving back to the Oceans.

So how does it help you personally,  Kelp is high in antioxidants and helps fight against disease causing free radicals.  Zinc and manganese help with stress and protect cardiovascular and prevent cancer!!  People who eat Kelp seldom have mineral deficiencies.  So Kelp in win win win and it also creates a nice home for our animal friends.  And Kelp farms are a beautiful place to scuba dive and see how much the seals, dophins, shark love their habitat.

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