Detox with Mermaid Wave Wear shorts..... INSERT LOVE!

Detox with Mermaid Wave Wear shorts..... INSERT LOVE!

Mermaid Wave Wear Booty shorts are not only super sexy but aid in detox while exercising.

Detox the toxins, add LOVE

Talk about Mother Nature

Talk about Mother Nature

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Mindset is critical

We are 30% smarter when we are positive, and conversely we are 30% less intelligent when angry or in fear

Thinking about the times when I made a decision based on fear, I lost every time.  

Ways to keep positive

Read, watch and be around positive people.  It truly helps.

I started a You Tube channel to bring more positive vibes out there

This is a great time to learn and start new habits

I started waking up early and doing yoga, both of which I definitely not a fan of but I noticed a big difference. ...

Ways to help Mother Nature

Ways to help Mother Nature

So what are some easy ways to heal Mother Nature

1. Dry your clothes outside, you will save money on heating bills, save money on less use of your dryer so extends the use of your dryer, also clothes will last longer when dried outside.  Also, many communities use Nuclear Power, In California 30% of our energy is from Nuclear Power and about 25% of our energy is used to dry clothes......

2. Ride a bike to do chores, when possible, you get exercise and you always find a parking space in front

3.Look our for products...

Mother Nature is healing

Mother nature is healing follow her lead