How Mermaid wave wear was created in the Bohemian Enclave of Venice Beach CA

Hey There, so I was wondering why people were wearing hazmat uniforms to the Beach!! I mean surfers so naturally good-looking and you're wearing that.  So after trying to convince some fashion designer friends that the only virgin territory in fashion is the wetsuit.  ....Many years later a girl was staying in my rental and asked if there are any cute wetsuits.  I drew a stick figure with a front zip pink wetsuit and said. This is how someone should design a wetsuit line. Then said I'm going to start a wetsuit line 

Armed with no knowledge. No contacts and no money or backing I was able to convince the top manufacturer in the world to create a sparkling pink fabric.  It took 4 years of lots of waiting and having no idea if anything was happening and when I did get  an email from Zoe, my contact at the factory, I had no idea what she was talking about. 

 That's where you need to find your resources.

I posted on NextDoor asking if anyone knew someone who can do tech packs for my wetsuit line.  A lady responded and said I have the perfect person she's a Teacher at FIDM and a Scuba Diver 

So.... if you have a lot of excuses for not doing something just ask for help.  If it's meant to happen it will happen you have to have Faith 

Much success to You,