Jungle Mermaid wetsuit

Jungle Mermaid wetsuit

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Since our wetsuit zips in the front, it will last longer...here's why. With the zipper in the back you have to tug at the shoulder to take off the wetsuit.  No tugging with our wetsuit. Easier on and off.

Your 2.5mm wetsuit fits mermaids from

1. 5 foot 7 inches, (167 cm ),  to 5 foot 11 inches, (180 cm),

2. Bust is 32", (81cm) plus the bralet,     *FITS women up to 38"B (97cm)

3.  Waist is 26" (66cm.)   *FITS up to 29" (73.7cm)

4. Hips are 34" (86cm.)   *FITS Women up to 39" (99cm)

Now I'm tall 5'11"( 180cm), and athletic build. Since it's neoprene it stretches, so not even in my dreams do I have 34", ( 86cm).,hips, more like 37" to 38", (94 to 97 cm)

My friend tried on my suit and she's 5'6" (165cm) and curvy with booty and boobs. Upon her return from the beach she told me she got 5 dates when she wore this sexy suit to the beach.  It is very sexy! You will sparke.